Questions − Brain Health Series

It's crystal of L-Theanine. Theanine is one of the Umami substance contained in green tea and known to bring relax feelings.

L-Theanine ingredient is produced by the industrial method. However it is produced by the utilization of reaction where Theanine is biosynthesized at tea tree.

Combined mushrooms' aroma are mixed. Since Coffee or mushrooms are natural origined, there are some flavor and taste difference found during the shelf life of product or between ingredient batches. 

We use simply ground mushroom ingredients so insoluble substances are gradually coming to be sediments. Expected nutritional substances are to be extracted so that you may not completed them, but of course you can eat everything by staring.

Brain Coffee is coumpound of mushrooms powder, Thenanine and soluble coffee. You can enjoy it with hot water or may try milk or some alternatives. Here Theanine is the substance contained in green tea. Standard coffee normally contains around 200mg of caffeine while this product contains only around 50mg of it .

Coffees normally contains approx. 200mg of caffeine per cup while Brain Coffee contains smaller that it. Approx. 50 mg per cup.

By taking mushrooms at some specific region, people has historically known to get several health benefits. These mushrooms can be expected to bring focus and energy when taking.

Chaga is from Russia. Lion's Mane is from Japan.

Chaga is a kind of mushroom only found in cold district like Siberia etc. It has been habitually consumed as daily drinks like tea.

Please enjoy them whenever you like. It's good to take when you take meals. It's also recommended to take at the critical moment like before working or during studying.

You don't have to worry about it so much. You can take it by watching your health condition.

It's fine! The standard preparation is to dissolve the product into 150~180 ml hot water but you can arrange it to your favorite taste by adding milk and/or sweetness.

Matcha is not dissolved so it will make precipitation and you will gradually taste it stronger. you may pour hot water again then you can enjoy it longer!

We use Natural Matcha which sometimes looks dark after precipitated. Please stir well time by time when you are concerned.
We add sufficient Matcha and powder may remain on the bottom of cup, so it will be changed to greenish the more you drink.

Chaga is mushroom which inhabits in cold district like Siberia etc. and its powder color is more or less black. If mixing Chaga with Matcha, we will lose green color of Matcha so we didn't combine. Alternatively we increased the amount of Lion's Mane mushroom.

It's organically cultivated and powdered in Japan.

Tea leaves used for our Matcha is organically cultivated in Japan. Those are collected from several regions and ground into Matcha at long-standing manufacturer in Nishio (Aichi prefecture) which is one of the famous tea brand and area.

Stevia is a kind of Asteraceae family originated from South America. Its leaf contains sweet substance and so it is used as a sweetener in food industries. It has been getting more popular to use Stevia as well as Luohanguo as sweetener especially in the regions where nature oriented foods are increasing.

The Stevia ingredient which added to our Brain Matcha and Cocoa is made in Japan. The origin is organically cultivated in Japan and the leaf is just ground into powder, that's it.

Theanine is a featured substance found in tea tree. It's a derivative of Glutamic acid which is one of amino acids, and biosynthesized from Glutamic acid and Ethylamine by enzymatic reaction at tea tree. Its natural content is so small that it's difficult to extract a lot of amounts and not established the industrial process by it.

Theanine ingredient used in our products is produced from Glutamine and Ethylamine by the reaction of the microbial enzyme.