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We use Vitamin C ingredient branded "Quali-C" which is produced in Scotland. This factory has the longest years history of Vitamin C production. Currently only this factory is producing Vitamin C in Europe.

Only Quali-C, Vitamin C produced in Scotland, with big amount is filled in plant based capsule. Usually other substances are mixed with active ingredient in order to improve productivity. You can take only Vitamin C from our product. It's simple and easy to use!

You can take it anytime you like. You can manage your timing and also adjust dosage with your health condition.

Quali-C is a branded Vitamin C ingredient produced by DSM, which has taken over the world longest production history of Vitamin C.

Vitamin C from natural resource looks good but we only can take limited amount. The famous VC rich fruit, Acerola, contains 1700mg of VC in 100g of its juice. If we take 1000mg of VC from Acerola juice, we have to take 59g of fresh juice. However, it's very difficult to purchase the fruit with this amount for everyday and also the cost is high.

So we decided to use the pure substance of Vitamin C. GoCLN Vitamin C QC-100 contains 1000 mg of VC in 2 capsules.

Quali C's origin is Corn starch with GMO free grade from Europe.

HPMC is a derivative of cellulose which is produced from the plant fiber mainly of coniferous trees like pine or cottons. The raw material of this capsule is HPMC.